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I Design & Develop Amazingly Beautiful Things

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# Who I am

I am a UI Developer and Student currently living in Rivers, Nigeria. I started my journey as a UI Developer in February 2018 and since then I've been able to learn a lot and grow myself. I code for fun and build amazingly beautiful and simple things as a hobby. I Pay attention to best practices known to me and I'm always open to learn new things and take on challenging paths.

I currently contribute with code as a UI Developer @ Looped Reality, EventPady && Proinsight Technologies , but I am available for Hire if you have small gigs or contract jobs that fit my skillset.

# What I do

Web Design

I take responsibility for the design and feel of web pages, from a beautiful UI (User Interface) to awesome UX (User Experience), also making sure that websites easily adapt to any device. With the use of latest technologies available and the most modern approach, I make my sites simple and intuitive, granting an ease of use and a wonderful / fun experience to regular users and one time visitors while maintaining compatibility and keeping performance at its best

UX Design

I take out time to research and review concepts and theories that ease User Experience on the web. Your products are most times designed to be used by others and I make thinking like a user and relating with a product like a user would my priority to ensure that it is inclusive enough and easy to use.


I have a love and desire to impact lives and help train people and with my current knowledge, I reach out to others starting out and help guide them to learning the skills they need to build their billion dollar idea.


I am proficient in HTML and CSS (Bootstrap, Bulma, flexbox, SASS) I can almost say that I can do this with my eyes closed. That said, I admit that there are many things that I do not know and lotsa areas I could still greatly improve.

I am also proficient with the famous (iThink) design tool Figma and I create Beautiful Visual illustrations of what web / mobile applications would look like before I even write a single line of code.

Recently, I have been channelling my inner CHI towards getting good at the programming language of the web (JavaScript) and also getting familiar with some of its frameworks (vue.js and reactjs).

Away from frontend development, I also have pretty good experience using PHP and hopefully with an increase in confidence and proficiency in Js I'd even dive into Node.js.